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Texas Tenors newspaper review – pops 2020

NISO Community Service Award newsarticle spring 2019

Local writes book inspired by NISO performance – spring 2019

Baldwin Composition review spring 2019

NISO fall concert 2018 news article review

Article – NISO 30th Anniversary – The Voice, Winter/Spring 2017

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2019-2020 Season Photos

Guest Concert- October 26, 2019

Minneapolis Guitar Quartet

Guest Concert TV Ad

Fall Concert- November 19, 2019

Guest Artist:  John Walker, pianist

and Readings by Dordt University Theatre Arts Students

Fall Concert TV Ad

Winter Pops Concert- January 18, 2020 (rescheduled to January 31, 2020)

Guest Artist:  The Texas Tenors

Winter Pops Concert TV Ad

Spring Concert – April 7, 2020

Darci Bultema, soprano

Stephen Swanson, baritone

Dordt University Concert Choir

Sioux County Oratorio Chorus

2018-2019 Season Photos

Fall Concert- November 13, 2018

Guest Artist:  Deborah Greenblatt, nyckelharpa

Fall Concert 2018 TV AD


Winter Pops Concert- January 26, 2019

Guest Artist:  Jan Mulder; composer, pianist, and conductor

Winter Pops Concert 2019 TV AD

Spring Concert – April 2, 2019

Guest Artist: MaryLou Wielenga, organ

Spring Concert 2019 TV AD

Guest Concert- April 13, 2019

Gaudete Brass

Guest Concert 18-19 TV AD



2017-2018 Season Photos

Fall Concert- November 14, 2017

Guest Artist:  Douglas Yeo, bass trombone

Fall Concert 2017 TV Ad

Winter Pops Concert- January 27, 2018

Guest Artist:  Jessia Mattaes, violin

Winter Pops Concert 2018 TV Ad

Guest Concert – March 20, 2018

Camerata RCO

NISO Guest Concert 2018 Program

Spring Concert- April 10, 2018

Guest Artist:  Richard Steinbach, piano

NISO Spring Concert TV ad

2016-2017 Season Photos

Fall Concert- November 15, 2016

Guest Artist:  John Bailey, flute

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Guest Concert – February 4, 2017

Lark Quartet

AMW NISO image 1 AMW NISO image 2 AMW NISO image 3 AMW NISO image 4

Winter Pops Concert- February 25, 2017

Guest Artist:  The Okee Dokee Brothers

20170225_194541 20170225_194550 20170225_205334 20170225_205354 20170225_205400 IMG_0011 IMG_0042 IMG_0046 IMG_0048 IMG_0052 IMG_0058 IMG_0070 IMG_0073 IMG_0075 IMG_0078

Spring Concert- April 11, 2017

Guest Artist:  Sean Botkin, piano

Guest Conductor:  Henry Duitman

Chris 1 Henry 1 Henry 2 NISO 1 NISO 2 NISO 3 Sean 1





2015-2016 Season Photos

Fall Concert- November 17, 2015

Guest Artist:  John Pennington, timpani

IMG_1840 IMG_1843 IMG_1848 IMG_1847 IMG_1850 IMG_1852 IMG_1855 IMG_1861 IMG_1862

Winter Concert – January 30, 2016

Guest Artists:  Shannon Salyards, soprano; Pamela De Haan, mezzo-soprano; Russell Svenningsen, tenor; Brandon Hendrickson, baritone

IMG_2379 IMG_2380 IMG_2381 IMG_2382 IMG_2383 IMG_2384 IMG_2386 IMG_2387 IMG_2391 IMG_2396 IMG_2435 IMG_2438 IMG_2440 IMG_2447

Guest Concert – April 1, 2016

The Rose Ensemble

Rose Ensemble_SGRS_20154911_CLR

Spring Concert – April 19, 2016

Guest Artist:  Christopher Hill, clarinet

IMG_5987 IMG_5989 IMG_5988 IMG_5991   IMG_5999 IMG_6000 IMG_6001 IMG_6002 IMG_6003 IMG_6009 IMG_6010 IMG_6013 IMG_6015 IMG_6035 IMG_6037

2014-2015 Season Photos

Fall Concert- November 18, 2014

Guest Artist:  Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre

20141118_140649_resized[1] 20141118_135900_resized[1] 20141118_210831_resized[1] 20141118_212011_resized[1] 20141118_212237_resized[1] 20141118_212403_resized[1] 20141118_212820_resized[1] 20141118_210745_resized_1[1]

Winter Concert – January 31, 2015

Guest Artist:  Spider Saloff, vocalist and Jeremy Kahn, pianist

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Spring Concert – April 7, 2015

Guest Artist:  Anthony Arnone, cello

IMG_9360 IMG_9368 IMG_9379

Guest Concert – April 18, 2015

Rhythm & Brass

Rhythm & Brass Guest 2015

Fall 2011

Kalinnikov: Symphony No. 1 in G Minor I. Allegro moderato

Kalinnikov: Symphony No. 1 in G Minor II. Andante commodamente

Kalinnikov: Symphony No. 1 in G Minor III. Scherzo Allegro non troppo Moderato assai

Kalinnikov: Symphony No. 1 in G Minor IV. Finale Allegro moderato

Spring 2011

Respighi: Pines of Rome I. The Pines of the Villa Borhese

Respighi: Pines of Rome II. Pines Near a Catacomb

Respighi: Pines of Rome III. The Pines of the Janiculum

Respighi: Pines of Rome IV. The Pines of the Appian Way

Fall 2009

Borodin: Symphony No. 2 in B Minor I. Allegro

Borodin: Symphony No. 2 in B Minor II. Scherzo – Prestissimo-Allegretto

Borodin: Symphony No. 2 in B Minor III. Andante

Borodin: Symphony No. 2 in B Minor IV. Finale – Allegro

Spring 2006

Glinka: Ruslan and Ludmilla Overture

Khachaturian: Adagio from ‘Spartacus’